Underground mine and tunnel ventilation products



Rocvent has supplied complete ventilation systems for over 35 years.


We can fulfill all your ventilation needs “From the Fan to the Face”. We can provide axial fans, booster fans and a full line of accessories to provide a turnkey ventilation system. Please contact Rocvent with all your mine fan requirements.


Podless, Podded & Podded with Halo are the 3 silencer solutions Rocvent can offer. Each type provides a different level of noise reduction to meet your needs.

Inlet Bell with Screen

The inlet bell ensures smooth air flow through the fan intake while the screen protects the fan from and debris entering the fan.


Dampers are used to stop, redirect or regultate air flow through your ventilation system.

Back Draft Dampers

Backdraft dampers are used to prevent the reversal of air flow through your ventilation system.

Variable Inlet Vanes (VIVs)

VIVs provide end users with a low cost and effective method of controlling ventilation system airflows. With the use of variable inlet vanes the power savings can be substantial.