Underground mine and tunnel ventilation products

Specialty Items

Ventilation Curtains

Rocvent manufactures our standard ventilation curtains with reinforced edges complete with grommets and snap hooks installed on all three sides for ease of installaion. We can design and manufacture a wide range of custom curtains such as standard curtains with passage ways, retractable blind type curtains, split curtains etc. Various sizes and material strengths available.

Inflatable Stopping Panels/Drift Barricades

Temporay inflatable vent walls used to stop or re-direct airflow. Can also be used for dust containment. Optional man doors or passage ways for large materials are available. Comes with regulator box with preset psi. and runs on mine air. Plug and play unit.

Strip Curtain

Provides visabilty while allowing men and equipment to safely pass through. Used for ventilation and/or temprature control. Avaiable for any size opening. Strips come in various widths, thicknesses and overlaps percentages. Mounting systems available.

Emergency Fresh Air Stations

Portable fresh air stations for use in remote areas of a mine when there is a little access to a refuge staion. In the event of a fire or severe dust contamination these fresh air stations will provide your employees with fresh air until the danger has cleared or help arrives.

Sea Can Curtains

Rocvent can provide protection from the elements for you outdoor storage needs. Can be supplied as curtains with grommets and hooks only or with complete mouniting system.

Inflatable Head Covers / Borehole Ballows

Bulkhead provides protection from falling material such as raise bore rods, and used as headcovers in bins while repairing chutes.